Seattle Collectibles

Seattle World's Fair Remembered

Product Showcase:  Gladly inquire about internet orders, shipping, appraising and back stories on items.

Framed Scarf.  Several silk scarves are in inventory, each Japan made.

Dozens of glassware, china pieces, sets, most dated, from name brand manufacturers, art houses, developing countries. Singles, sets, rare &  timely
The mid-century little pink apron, framed, frozen in time. form over function or fashion
Frosted glassware, singles were Mobil Oil and Carnation Cottage Cheese give aways.  Regal China, serial numbered, gold trimmed Jim Beam Decanters artistically represent the region and era.  English Bone China cup (with plates, dishes etc.) made in Roseburg, OR by the Viletta Art Studio feature the highly valued design of the Monorail travelling through the Space Needle & galaxy with collection of illustrations representing the region's OLD economy & natural wonders (lumber, Hydroelectric dams, National Parks, fishing, and intact Mt. St. Helens)
 The Space Needle Lighter, or "Needle Light?" In copper, brass, chrome. 10 to 12 inches tall, Manufactured in Seattle's Vance Building, feels like a trophy, most un-used, conversation pieces of Seattle icon.
Charm bracelets, rhinestone brooches, necklaces, tie tacks, cuff links, bolo ties, medallions, of all varieties.
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